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Affiliate News - May, 2004

Two major ad networks dominate the landscape in this month's affiliate update.

Google's new image ads

Google Adsense has introduced a new option in its successful text ads affiliate program: image ads.

According to Google, Now, in addition to text ads, you can choose to show highly-targeted image ads on your web pages. Unlike traditional banner ads, Google's image ads are contextually targeted to the content of your page, providing your users with a high impact, high value advertisement - and providing you with the opportunity to earn more revenue.

Not surprisingly, this has created a buzz in the webmaster community. Many believe the added option will increase earnings for the majority of website owners. This latest wrinkle is discussed in a recent Geektalk thread. Senior Member LordBio enthuses: I am excited to see what they got to offer as both a publisher and advertiser...

Many of the opinions are mixed, however. On the same thread, Senior Member Buttsie offers a dissenting view: Hmmm, I'm not sure about this. With an image the banner has a single chance of being of interest to your [visitors]. At least with the text ads you have a 1 in 4 or 5 chance of the text and descriptions being used being of interest to your visitor.

Additional comments in the thread speculated on the impact the new image options might have on the rest of the banner and CPM industry. Also discussed were the possible effects the new image options might have on Google's TOS, which currently states that competing similar ads should not be placed on the same page.

Fast Click's new ad formats

Fast Click has introduced additional ad formats into its CPM/CPC advertsing network: half-page ads and 180 x 150 Rectangles. The latest info, discussed in a Site Point Forums thread, offers initial comments:

Both look good. -- incka

Hmm...thats not a bad idea. -- Mayhem

I love this company! -- Andy Forsberg