The Neuro-Art Gallery

An "Embodied Cognition" Exhibit

The latest findings in Neuro-science seem destined to rock the halls of art in a fashion not seen since the old "Pop Art" Period of the 1960s. Presented here are the first broad attempts to introduce this potential trend. The Fab Four candidates shown below have been arranged to explore the principles of embodied cognition -- the catalyst of a new art form, we predict.

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Charles Manson, Mugshot. Needed is a bucket of cold water. Dip your hands in cold water to create a frigid zone of contempt. Cold sensations in the brain's sensory sphere influence our emotions accordingly. Chill out to Manson -- he's creepier when you're feeling cold.

Mother's Darling, by Joseph Clark. Needed is an electric heating blanket. Place across your knees to create a comfort zone of artificial warmth. According to studies, physical heat affects social mood, facilitating "warmer" emotions such as trust, acceptance and friendliness. It's a fine fit for this wistful Clark masterpiece. (A cup of hot soup really does nourish the soul.)

Clear Creek, from Appleton's Journal. Needed is a loaded backpack, strapped on your back. The burden will cause the terrain to appear steeper. The distance up the hill will also seem longer. The added physical weight deepens the appearance of height in the scene. (Similarly, holding a heavy clipboard increases the difficulty and "weight" of its attached information.)

Mahatma Ghandi. Needed is to wash your hands and face before clicking on the illustration. According to Psychological Science, "cleanliness" really is next to Godliness. Becoming clean influences our social and moral perception. Ghandi was the epitome of pure-heartedness. Personal cleanliness should enhance one's appreciation of this famous man. "Volunteers who washed their hands rated a moral dilemma as being less severe than did volunteers who didn't wash their hands." (Schnall, Benton, & Harvey, 2008). Guilt-ridden people really do feel "dirty."

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