Anti-particles are particles moving backward in time...

A clockwise-rotating particle moves forward in time. It turns abruptly in direction, emitting a photon burst. It then proceeds backward in time.

The same phenomenon is witnessed in normal time. A clockwise-rotating particle and a counter-clockwise-rotating particle (eg., an anti-particle) converge together in mutual annihilation, evaporating in a photon burst.

As extraordinary as it sounds, this is the belief of many theoretical physicists. Nobel Laureate Richard Feynman proposed this startling hypothesis using his famous Feynman diagrams, represented here. According to his theory, an anti-particle is actually a particle moving backward in time. The same particle exists in two different time zones.

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The man, below, is walking forward in time, then abruptly walking backward in time, at an identical pace. Represented, underneath, is the same phenomenon as we would see it: a man walking forward (in space), eventually colliding with a man (himself, actually) walking backward.

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