Attentional Blink Test


Your eyes blink during data processing and also during a visual surprise. This is called the "attentional blink."

Your brain has limited resources for paying attention. Each time it focuses on something new, a "gap" occurs — for about half a second.

Be prepared. When you start the test, a stream of letters will appear on the screen...

Your target is the letter "R"... which will be followed rapidly by the letter "C".

Most people will consciously identify R, but not C. The first target creates the attentional blink, "erasing" the next target.

Consciously noticing R or C, separately, is not too difficult. But noticing both is hard.

The test begins when you click on the blue letters above. Your goal is to consciously notice R, followed by C.

...How did you do? If you spotted both letters (R and C) in sequence, you did well!

NOTE: This test has a time-lag between letters of 200 milliseconds. ("The AB is typically measured...between 180-450 ms") More information on the attentional blink and related data can be found here.

CAUTION: The test repeats in an endless loop. Each time the test repeats, the original sequence accelerates. Take the test at the correct speed. Refresh the page to start the original test if the tempo increases.

To see all the letters flashed in order of appearance, click here.

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The letters flashed in sequence were:

Z, P, J, E, M, S, B, T, W, P, U, R, C, H, X, L, B, Q, G, F.

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