The Face as Destiny

Some of the most famous theories and research on the effects of human judgment on the judged... All three share similar plots and themes. Small seeds of prejudice can burst into giant oaks from the slightest of origins.

Face Composites...

Here is a graphic tutorial on the large impact that small changes can make in a face's superficial architecture...

Original face
Looks rather handsome. The square jaw and bald head signal masculinity.

Eye switch
Everything is the same, except for the eyes. The face becomes sinister, disturbing, intense.

Mouth switch
The original teeth have turned asymmetrical. The look is startling. No longer handsome.

Nose switch
Only the nose is different, but he appears less intelligent. (Alert! This is speculation.)

Chin switch
Fuller chin. Does he look like a construction worker? (Could be the clothes, too.)

Eyes, Nose, and Mouth Switch
He's gotten a blemish as well. The construction worker has become a thug. (Or...?)

Eyebrow switch
Arched brows. Does he look inquisitive? Warmer and kinder?

Nose and Blemish switch
Will his destiny be different? Will he be shunned for promotion?

Face Composites

Picture Source: Face Composite Maker

Please note: This image tutorial is a brief introduction to the effects of facial distortion. It is not referenced in the scientific literature. The guide presented here is based on tacit assumptions. Readers must draw their own...


The Self-Fulfilling Prophecy can distort one's life path and alter one's fate. (Often dramatically.)

Superficial appearance and silent judgments of others' faces can spur life-changing effects.

For some of us, the face is Destiny.


Merton, R. (1948). The Self-Fulfilling Prophecy The Antioch Review, 8 (2) DOI: 10.2307/4609267

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