A Persuasion Technique to Induce Nodding and to Foster Agreement

Studies reveal that watching a bouncing ball enhances the tendency to agree. The motor mechanism of nodding affects the judgment center in the brain. Believe it or not, it's a fact. Read about embodied cognition.

You Will Buy This Product

(ad campaign)

The bouncing ball acts as an unconscious cue for you to become agreeable. Tracking the ball's up-and-down motion with your eyes triggers a "nodding" reaction in your head, which induces a "yes" reaction in the brain.

You Will Vote for ...

(political slogan)

Tracking the head's up-and-down motion triggers a "nodding" reaction in the head, which causes an agreeable ("yes" reaction) in the brain. A political ad showing the candidate bouncing a basketball might cause a similar reaction.

I am Cool


Repeat the self-affirmation mantra, I am Cool in your mind. As you do this, watch the bouncing ball. Watch the bouncing ball. Watch the bouncing ball.

Necklace Medallion

(animated jewelry)

Wear an animated medallion with bouncing balls as a fashion accessory. You may become more popular.

Tell Your Friends about Mind Bluff

(persuasion slogan)

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