Images to Reduce Pain

Staring at peaceful scenes of nature creates a calming, pain-reducing effect in viewers. According to studies:
These studies continue to implicate the calming effects of Mother Nature on human nature. The potential impact of this research on pain management requires further exploration, but for the time being, selected here is a collection of images fitting the criteria of pain reduction.

Chronic sufferers:
Test the effects of these pain-reducing nature scenes.

Religious images of the Virgin Mary have been found to reduce pain in Catholics: "Roman Catholics felt less pain than atheists and agnostics when they were shown a painting of the Virgin Mary." The assembled collection here also includes a picture of the Virgin Mary.

Viewing pictures of a romantic partner has also been found to reduce pain, but personal images of romantic partners could not be included here (for obvious reasons!)


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Pixabay Nature Art

The collection is presented below...

Contemplate these pain-reducing scenes and be mindful of the soothing & healing effects of nature...

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