Is Your Brain Cross-Lateralized?

Is your Brain Cross-Lateralized?

The human brain has two hemispheres, each differing from the other. This is called hemispheric lateralization. Basically, people are either right- or left-handed. When it comes to other traits, in addition to handedness, people are right- or left-dominant. How is your own brain generally lateralized? Do you have any cross-lateralizations? Take this brief quiz to discover your degree of cross-lateralization, and what it may mean.

1. Are you primarily left- or right-handed?

left right

2. When kicking a football, which foot do you use to kick it?

left right

3. Keep your eyes open and spell the word "toys" in reverse in your head. Where did your eyes gaze? (You might need a witness to watch you.)

left right

4. Keep both your eyes open while you extend your hand and point to an object twenty feet away. Now close your left eye. Is your finger still pointing directly to the object, or did a shift occur?

it's still pointing directly to object

no, a shift occurred

5. Which face, below, appears to be happier?

top bottom

6. Clasp your hands comfortably. Is your right thumb on top?

yes no

7. When writing in longhand, which hand do you use to hold the pen?

left right

8. When tossing a ball, which hand do you use?

left right

9. When chewing gum, which side do you usually chew on?

left right no preference

10. When listening on the phone, which ear do you put against the receiver?

left right

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