Quirky Ideas about the Outer Edge

Telepathy, Soul Travel, Spatial Logic...

Is it easier to mentally rotate an object 45-degrees in depth, or 45-degrees on a plane surface? What do you think? Are you more "three-dimensional" or "two-dimensional?"

Consider the following thought experiment. (The actual experiment is not recommended, for ethical reasons.) If you cut open a worm's head, both of its head-parts will regenerate into a new head. Question: Will both heads be able to communicate, telepathically?

Was sex a natural outgrowth of self-regenerating life forms (eg., worms) seeking to regenerate the missing whole?

Do ants possess a group mind?

Does a single cell remember its near-infinite past?

When a person projects himself emotionally into a fictional scene, identifying with the characters, is it an "alternate" out-of-body experience?

Did God think Himself into existence by thinking about Nothing -- which, itself, must be Something...since it Exists. (Nothing, that is.) Did God's dichotomy produce the Big Bang?

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