Secrets for Success Under the Mask

Do not quarantine the soul in disguising the face.

Despite the mask, make an effort to indulge in facial expressions that encourage good cheer -- like smiling or grinning -- despite the camouflage hiding your mouth. The free exchange of pleasant emotion triggers a cascade of brain chemicals designed to stimulate happiness and shared exhilaration.

Psychological science backs this up: Research on embodied cognition reveals that if you want to feel better, often the shortest route to that effect is to craft a smile.

Talking to yourself in public

Talking to yourself can boost determination and the ability to focus. Now you can do it in public! No one will notice, if you keep your voice low. You can mutter and grumble to your heart’s delight, without the fear of embarrassment. (The movements of your lips cannot be seen -- so you have an exceptional advantage over ventriloquists!)


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