Don't look now, but you've entered a self-publishing loop...the ultimate in self-creation.

This book is compiled of rejection slips from editors who have rejected this work. Shown below is the letter I used to create the "manuscript" you now hold in your hands:

Dear Sir or Madam:

My proposed book, titled The Book of Rejection From Editors Who Rejected This Book, would feature the enclosed INTRODUCTION along with dozens of rejections collected from editors who've read this very proposal and rejected it. The editors' comments (form letters, etc.) would be reprinted in my book and would comprise its existence.

I consider my book to be the ultimate in self-paradox and believe it will mystify and delight all writers and obsessional people. It's the first of its kind -- a book written virtually without the author.

If you decide to reject the proposal, please send your rejection in the attached SASE. (Try not to bend it.) Thank you!


John Smith

P.S. This is a simultaneous submission to one hundred-and-fifty other publishers.

P.P.S. Please understand that if you decide to reject this proposal, your letter of rejection (whether it's a "form letter" or personal statement) may be used in my projected book.

With the above letter and the inclusion of this INTRODUCTION (yes -- this one!), I also sent everyone a title page, outline, and Other Stuff. (The rejections came later.)

This is a compendium of self-reference. A paradox. A vast literature exists on the subject of paradox. The topic has proved to be especially enlightening in the fields of mathematics and philosophy. For further information, please check the excellent resources cited in the BIBLIOGRAPHY.


1) to raise paradox to the level of a mass-market phenomenon.

2) to provide a showcase for the Rejection Letter, a unique "non-fiction" that's worthy of investigation.

3) to provide all writers with inspiration and hope. Never give up! The right book is just waiting to be published.

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