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The Neuro-Components of the Face

Is the face everything? For some, it is Destiny.

Picture Source: Face Composite Maker

Original face
Looks rather handsome. The square jaw and bald head signal masculinity.

Eye switch
Everything is the same, except for the eyes. Would you let him touch your kid? Heavens no!

Mouth switch
Gay or straight, would you marry this man? The teeth are asymmetrical.

Nose switch
Only the nose is different. He appears less intelligent. Why?

Chin switch
Fuller chin. Does he look like a construction worker? (Could be the clothes, too.)

Eyes, Nose, and Mouth Switch
He's gotten a blemish as well. The construction worker has become a thug.

Hair switch
The original face has become younger. (It would seem much younger, if baldness were not in fashion.)

Nose and Blemish switch
He appears more primitive. Note that all of these terse "assessments" thus far reflect the bias of a (typical?) observer. Whether or not facial components like a blemish or a fat nose reflect actual traits or tendencies has not been studied enough.

Eyebrow switch
Arched brows. Does he look inquisitive? Warmer and kinder?

Nose, Eyes, Mouth switch
Will his destiny be different? Will he become a pawn of others' expectations? (The Self-Fulfilling Prophecy.)

Face Composites
These are over-simplifications, of course. As mentioned, the Self-Fulfilling Prophecy can affect one's life path. Losing a job or failing to attract a mate can also determine one's fate. (Often dramatically.)

That being said, the old "science" of face reading has taken a new, neuro-psychological turn. Foxes raised to become docile over many generations have been studied in terms of their alterations in physical characteristics, such as softer fur, etc. Does the human face conform to certain social/behavioral characteristics? Is facial configuration a partial blueprint, or x-ray, of our future destiny?

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