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The Reading Tests come in the form of PUSH BUTTON or SLIDING FORMAT. PUSH BUTTON tests require the entire text to be read. The results calculate reading speed in terms of specific number of words-per-minute. SLIDING FORMAT tests are timed to end in one minute and don't require the entire text be read. The results calculate reading speed in terms of words-per-minute within a fifty-word range.

Please take note that words on a computer screen are read at a rate that is 10 - 43% slower than words on a printed page.


Speed Reading Test - Clemens    Short humorous essay about a church member, by Samuel Clemens (372 words).

Speed Reading Test - Anonymous    Short humorous experience about umbrellas, by Anonymous. Comprehension Checker added. (369 words).

Speed Reading Test - FDR    FDR's Inaugural Address of March 4, 1933 (1889 words).

Speed Reading Test - Leacock    Short humorous fiction about a great detective, by Stephen Leacock (259 words).


Speed Reading Test - Cather    Excerpt from a novel, The Professor's House, by Willa Cather (One-minute timed test).

Speed Reading Test - JFK    JFK's Inaugural Address of Jauary 20, 1961. Comprehension Checker added. (One-minute timed test).

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