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Mental Tests...

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Speed Reading Test

Another Speed Reading Test - with Comprehension Test added

NEW 'Push Button' Speed Reading Test! (short humor, 372 words)

NEW 'Push Button' Speed Reading Test! - with Comprehension Test added (more short humor, 369 words)

NEW 'Push Button' Speed Reading Test! (more short humor, 259 words)

NEW 'Push Button' Speed Reading Test! (FDR speech, 1889 words)

Reaction Time Test

Is Your Brain Cross-Lateralized?

Stroop Test - Colored Words

Synesthesia Tests

Test Your Typing Speed

Test Your Visual IQ

Test Your Visual IQ - 2

Test Your Visual IQ - 3

Test Your Visual IQ - 4

Test Your Math IQ

Test Your Science IQ

Test Your Web IQ

Test Your Word IQ

Test Your Childhood Memory

Jungian Psychological Test

Do You Have FLASH BULB Memories?

Trivia Test

Adventure Puzzles

Brain Games of Knowledge & Strategy...

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Knight Moves Problem

Eight Queens Problem

Play Checkers

Play Chess


Unique Block-Stacking Game

Rubik's Cube

Memory Game

Peg Solitaire Game

Count the Bouncing Balls

Simon Says - Memory Game

Play Poker (luck, logic, strategy)

FLASH GAME: Unscramble the Letters

FLASH GAME: Visual Perspective Test

FLASH GAME: Track the Moving Cups

FLASH GAME: Spot Picture Differences

FLASH GAME: Face Identification

FLASH GAME: Identify Musical Notes

FLASH GAME: Weighing Coins Problem


Tactile Illusions...

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Create a Fake Phantom Limb

Lips Tactile Illusion

Double-Nose Tactile Illusion

Brain Teasers...

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Four Squares Problem

Daily Anagram

Chess Problem for Lateral Thinkers

Four Simple Questions Designed to Stump You

MORE Crazy Trick Questions

Day of the Week Anagram

Marble Weighing Problem

What do these Ten Words have in Common?

Tip-of-the-tongue Questions

Which Triplet is Telling the Truth?

Interesting Thought Problem

Crowd Motion Test

Pedestrian Motion Test

Visual Puzzles

Lateral Thinking Problems

Mind Stuff and Miscellaneous...

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Optical Illusions

Hand Shadow Illusions

True Stories of Mental Deception - Illustrated!

Incredible Sculptures and Statues

Uncanny Valley in Pictures of Beautiful Women

The Attentional Blink Test

3D Image Effects

Optical Image Trick

Six Appetite Control Secrets

Is LaMDA an Artificial Life Form?

Subliminal Words

Split Identities and Parallel Universes

Fake It Till You Make It -- 5 Cheats from Neuroscience

Shared False Memories -- Is the Mandela Effect Real?

Fun with A.I. ~ ChatGPT

Five Types of Deja vu

Animated Necker Cube

Secrets for Success under the Mask

The Perception of Time

Seven Tools of Unconscious Power

Odd Visions and Sensations

Difference Between Pleasure and Happiness

Time Chart to Enhance Performance

Online Tool to Reduce Traumatic Memories

Time Travel with Clocks

Rotating Silhouette Illusion

Nodding Technique to Induce Persuasion

Mind-Body "Tic" Sheet

Screening Room (Mind Videos)

Face Composition and How it Defines You

Official Mantra List for Meditation

Self-Hypnotic Suggestion Pattern

The Placebo Calculator

Push-Button Prayer

Embodied Cognition Art Gallery

Astounding Facts about the Mind

Astounding Facts about the Mind - Part 2

Astounding Facts about the Mind - Part 3

The Benefits of Nostalgia

Test Your Finger Dexterity

Benefits of Humming

Self-Reference Paradoxes and Conceptual Art

Mind Reading Tricks

Mind Stents

Mental Tricks to Enhance Physical Fitness Training

Group Mind Experiment

Take a Bath in Neuropeptides of Pleasure

Tricks with Time

Anti-partcles Shown as Time-reversed Particles

Time Communication Portal

What's Your Favorite Color?

The Minutia of the Small Print

Crossword Puzzles about You

Brain Dendrite Maze Game

Whimsical Look at the Future

Pun Comics

On What Day were You Born?

If You Had Two Heads...

The Logic of the Eye

Create a 3D Flipbook

The Hyper Card

The Psychology of Laughter

The Minimalist Art Gallery

Brain Seizure Animation

Quirky Ideas

Mental Rap Sheet

Children's Soul Drawings

Real-Life Street Game

Air Stockings - Fashion Illusion

Future Trivia Quiz

Insights for Success from Neuroscience

Bouba and Meditation

Images to Reduce Pain

Embodied Cognition & Product Design

Will Robots Replace Us?

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