Chess Problem for Lateral Thinkers

Which chess piece can checkmate (or discover mate) in one "half" of a move? (Two answers are possible.)


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ANSWER: The knight. The knight traces a path along an imaginary hypotenuse of a right triangle, whose mid-point is situated inside an adjacent square. If that adjacent square results in checkmate (or discover mate), then the problem is solved.

"ALTERNATE" ANSWER: The knight. The knight can "hop" over other pieces, in 3-dimensional space, during its movement. That means it could "unblock" another piece, while still positioned in mid-flight, to cause a "discover" mate.

NOTE: It seems apparent that an exact "half-move" in chess must be considered theoretical. That being said, it appears that no other chess piece, other than the knight, can make a "hypothetical" half-move, without landing on an edge or corner of an adjacent square.

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