Mental Rap Sheet
Odd Bits About the Brain

Scientists prove time flies when you're busy. Or, at least, it flies when
your attention is engaged. Dr. Anthony Chaston and his research
colleague, Dr. Alan Kingstone, have proven it in the lab...


Here's a health tip for your mind: brain exercises. One way to keep your
brain nimble is to practice a technique called neurobics, which uses
your senses to help create new connections in areas of the brain
that process sensory input...


Brain anti-anxiety switch found. Scientists have found a switch in the
brain that appears to control anxiety and wakefulness. This switch
could be a target for drugs to treat sleep and anxiety disorders, as well
as attention deficit hyperactivity...

Rejection massively reduces IQ. Rejection can dramatically reduce
a person's IQ and their ability to reason analytically, while increasing
their aggression, according to new research...


Cognitive bias is a distortion in the way we perceive reality. Some
of these have been verified empirically in the field of psychology,
others are considered general categories of bias. Common ones are
anchoring, anthropic bias, attributional bias, Barnum effect,
base rate neglect... --

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