Five quirks of memory that can mess with your sense of reality.

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1. Déjà vu

"Already seen". The brief and fleeting experience of feeling as though a moment has been lived through previously.

2. Déjà vécu

"Already experienced". Déjà vécu describes a prolonged version of déjà vu, in which a holistic sequence of events is falsely remembered.

3. Déjà rêvé

"Already dreamed". The experience of feeling as though a waking moment has already been encountered during a dream.

4. Presque vu

"Almost seen". Known more commonly as the "tip of the tongue" sensation, presque vu refers to that frustrating feeling of grasping for a word or fact, but then losing sight of it immediately.

5. Jamais vu

"Never seen". Commonly associated with amnesia or aphasia, jamais vu describes the experience of not recognising a word, place or person, despite having already encountered them.

Author: Pat Long

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