Brain Stuff
Odd Visions and Sensations
Rotating Silhouette Illusion
Mind-Body "Tic" Sheet
Clocks, Paradox, and Time Travel
Astounding Facts About Mental Behavior
Take a Bath in Neuropeptides of Pleasure
Mind Stents - Implanting "Wellness" Suggestions
Official Mantra List
Jungian Psychological Type Test
Antiparticles as Time Machines
Tricks with Time
MORE Astounding Facts About Mental Behavior
The Logic of the Eye
The Psychology of Laughter
Astounding Facts of Mental Behavior - Part 3

Fun Stuff
The Hypercard Illusion
Neuro-Art Gallery: Embodied Cognition
Self-Reference Paradoxes and Conceptual Art
Mind Reading Tricks
Persuasion Technique to Induce Nodding Agreement
Create a 3D Flipbook
Minimalist Art Gallery - Find the Real Masterpiece
On What Day Were You Born?
A Page of Adventure Puzzles
Future Trivia Quiz
Choose Your Favorite Color

Reading Tests
Calculate Reading Speed
Speed and Comprehension
Short Speed Reading Test
More Reading Speed Tests

Optical Tests
What's Your Visual IQ? #1
What's Your Visual IQ? #2
What's Your Visual IQ? #3
What's Your Visual IQ? #4

Knowledge Tests
What's your Science IQ?
What's your Math IQ?
What's your Verbal IQ?
What's your Trivia IQ?
What's your Web IQ?

Brain Tests
Synesthesia Tests
Attentional Blink Test
Is Your Brain Cross-Lateralized?
Left vs. Right Brain

Genius Teasers
Daily Anagram
Four Squares Problem
Day-of-the-Week Anagram
Marble-Weighing Problem
Ten Words Test
Fast Questions
Crazy Trick Questions
Visual Puzzles
Thought Problem
Who is Telling the Truth?
Lateral Thinking Problems

Ability Tests
Calculate Your Typing Speed
Reaction Time Test
Speed Panel - Words

Classic Games
Chess - play Beginner's Chess on your computer
Knight Moves Problem
Eight Queens Problem
Chess Problems for Lateral Thinkers
Checkers - play against your computer
Memory Game - Ask Simon
Peg Solitaire - Logic Game
Poker - a game of logic and strategy
JEOPARDY on desktop or mobile
Rubik's Cube
Memory Matching Game

Fast Games
Identify the audio pitch of notes in sequence
Shell Game - track the coin in moving cups
Word Unscramble - unscramble letters to form a word
Facial Memory Test - identify faces
Play Pool on your computer
Count Cubes - use perspective to count stacked cubes
Image Perception - detect the differences in pictures
Test Your Eye-Q - guess the number of cascading dots

Original Games
Search Engine Prediction Game
Strategic Real-Life Street Game
Brain Dendrites Maze Game
Crossword Puzzles About YOU

Odd Stuff
Uncanny Valley Pictures of Beautiful Women
Children's Soul Study
Push-Button Prayer -- Zen Bender for the Mind
Quirky Ideas about the Outer Edge (Illustrated)
Online Tool to Reduce Post-Traumatic Memories
Do You Have "Flashbulb" Memories?
If you had 2 heads... (brief quiz)
Time Communication Portal
The Seduction of the Small Print
Mental Rap Sheet - Odd Bits on the Brain

Optical Tricks
Hand Shadow Illusions
Optical illusions
Incredible Sculptures and Statues
3D-Image Effects
Spray-on Stockings

BLOG Posts
Is the Mandela Effect Real?
The Perception of Time
Bouba and Meditation
Embodied Cognition and Product Design
Will Robots Replace Us?
The Face as Destiny

Mind & Body Fun
Create a Fake Phantom Limb
Tip-of-the-Tongue state
An Odd Tactile Illusion
Is Your Hand Elastic?
Double-Nose Tactile Illusion

Comics & Graphics
Future Odds & Ends
Pun Comics

Mind Lab
Group Mind Experiment
Brain Seizure Simulation
Custom Placebo Dispenser
Memory Tracer

Self Help
Fake It Till You Make It: 5 Cheats
Secrets for Success under the Mask
Difference Between Pleasure and Happiness
The Benefits of Nostalgia
Time Chart to Boost Performance
Six Appetite Control Secrets
Seven Unconscious Power Tools
Nine Insights for Success
Images to Reduce Pain
Self-Hypnotic Visual Pattern
The Benefits of Humming

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