INTRODUCTION (see enclosed).

FOREWORD (see enclosed).

The book's TEXT would consist of rejection letters received from editors who have rejected this proposal.

The book's GAMES SECTION would feature a variety of games and puzzles, such as:

a) PIN THE SIGNATURE ON THE REJECTION SLIP. This would be a party game (for authors) similar to "Pin the Tail on the Donkey."
b) THE REJECTION JIG-SAW PUZZLE. This would be a puzzle made up of assorted "pieces" which comprise a rejection slip.
c) FILL-IN-THE-BLANKS. This would be a rejection notice with several (predictable) terms omitted, replaced with "blanks".
d) NAME THAT EDITOR. This would be an exercise whose goal is to decipher an editor's (illegible) handwriting.

The Book's BIBLIOGRAPHY would cite a list of contemporary resources on the subject of paradox.

The book's APPENDIX (optional) would reprint several examples of correspondence between the author and the publisher who accepts this proposal.

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