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Musical Pitch GameIdentify the audio pitch of notes in a sequence.
Shell GameSee if you can track the coin in the moving cups!
Play PoolPractice pool on your computer.
Word UnscrambleUnscramble the letters to form a word.
Facial Memory TestIdentify and remember faces.
Count the CubesUse visual perspective to count the stacked cubes.
Picture Perception TestDetect the differences between almost-identical pictures.
Object Identification GameLocate the objects in a picture.
Knight's Tour GameNew flash twist on the Knight's Tour chess problem.
Coin-Weighing Logic ProblemFlash version of the popular Mensa-level brain teaser.
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Simple Chess
Choose which color for your CPU (computer), then play...

Castling, en-passent and pawn promotion are all catered for, but the rule "Game is drawn if a position repeats three times" is not implemented. The CPU performs an alpha-beta search to a depth of two moves, but does not examine check at the deepest level.

CPU White
CPU Black

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