Self-Referring Crossword Puzzle

This Crossword Puzzle is all about YOU. All the word clues pertain to you: your family, your life, your neighborhood, etc. The answers are unique to each person who does the puzzle. Luck and strategy are the elements of force.

If your answer is too short for the number of available squares, leave the rest of the squares blank.

If your answer is too long for the number of available squares, fill in all the letters you can.

Blank squares can be used to represent any letter.

You must be completely honest in all your answers. No fudging.

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1   Your hair color.
3   Your current career profession. (If retired, put "retired.")
5   Rearrange the letters of your surname.
6   The name of your high school or college.
2   Last name of a high school teacher.
4   Color of your den wall. (If you have wallpaper, leave blank. If more than one color, choose one.)

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